I’ve got my bible so I’m gonna learn the word of God. #lanadelrey #BornToDie #

I’m watching Breaking Bad 1x02 “Cat’s in the Bag…”

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I’m watching Bridegroom (2013) - @BridegroomMovie

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A storm of swords 👑 9400 páginas pra ler ainda.

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Favourite Ian Gallagher outfits [part 1]

It’s a valid question (x)

Jared on his dogs: “Harley is big, dumb, and happy. Sadie is little, smart, and conniving. She’s a criminal mastermind. So yeah, she’s definitely the alpha female and he’s just kind of happy to be petted, you know?” [x]


sam and dean per season [3]

"All I’m saying, Sammy, all I’m saying is that you’re my weak spot. You are, and I’m yours"